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53 Families Foundation

First organized in 2010, our core initiatives provide necessary resources for youth to be successful.  Founder Jameel McClain often reflects back to periods in his youth where he did not have basic needs such as shelter, food and clothing.  53 Families Foundation assists youth in these basic needs to help promote self-esteem to produce positive life results.   Since the foundation’s inception, thousands of individuals have received resources including clothing, meals and financial support.  The motto “Adversity Won’t Stop Me” is a direct reflection on the foundation, Jameel and the entire 53 Families family.

Founder, Jameel McClain

As a young child, Jameel faced the challenges of many that he serves today.  In and out of The Salvation Army shelter and other unstable living circumstances, Jameel adopted “hard work” as his mantra.  During the Baltimore Raven’s drive to the Super Bowl, Jameel sustained a spinal cord season-ending injury.  He rehabbed back to earn a starting position with the Baltimore Ravens and then ultimately signed with the New York Giants.  While his own hard work and perseverance have earned him tremendous opportunities in life, he knows he has not gotten to where he is today without the help of others.  He reaches back to his own difficult experiences to encourage others to “finish strong” despite their current situation.  He speaks to young people and families with the passion that others once spoke to him.  Each time he speaks to participants at his community give back events, his hope is that he can just reach one person that hears his words.  


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